Regula Qureshi joined the University of Alberta’s music department as a McTaggart Fellow in 1983, and was appointed professor in 1991. She subsequently became an Adjunct Professor in the departments of anthropology (1991), religious studies (1992), and East Asian studies (1993), and was Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research 1994-6. Qureshi founded the University of Alberta’s Centre for Ethnomusicology in 1992 (renamed the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology in 2002), and directed its folkwaysAlive! project beginning in 2004. She was named Professor Emeritus of music in 2005.

A scholar of Urdu and Hindi language and literature and of the art music of India and Pakistan, Qureshi has given numerous lecture-recitals on sarangi, Indian music, and Muslim chant in Canada, the US, Pakistan, India, and Western Europe. She has contributed articles to The New Grove Dictionary and to the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, and has served as co-editor of the Journal of Ethnomusicological Research, the British Forum of Ethnomusicology, and the Indian music journal Bansuri.

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