Sharmila Mathur is Director of the Indian Music Ensemble in the Department of Music.  She obtained her Master’s in Music from Rajasthan University, Jaipur India. She has done her formal training under Grammy Award winner Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. Under her, the Indian Music Ensemble studies the rich tradition of classical Indian music through group instruction and performance. Members learn the basics of raga (melody) and tala (rhythm), through instruction in singing, tabla (drums) and sitar (plucked lute). The Ensemble has qualified & devoted instructors including Sharmila Mathur (Sitar and Theory) and Shruti Nair (Vocal). [Read more]

Since Fall 2015, Sharmila has also been teaching a successful course in introductory Hindi language at the University of Alberta, hosted by Modern Languages & Cultural Studies and offered also as part of the East Asian Studies department. [Read more]