Dagmar Wujastyk is an Associate Professor in the department of History, Classics, and Religious Studies.  She is an indologist specializing in the history and literature of classical South Asia, including Indian medicine (Ayurveda), iatrochemistry (rasaśāstra), and yoga.  Her publications include Modern and Global Ayurveda – Pluralism and Paradigms (SUNY Press) and Well-mannered medicine. Medical Ethics and Etiquette in the Sanskrit Medical Classics (OUP NY). She is the editor of a special volume of Asiatische Studien/ Études Asiatiques, entitled “Histories of Mercury in Medicine across Asia and beyond” (vol. 69.4, 2015), a special volume of History of Science in South Asia, (vol. 5.2, 2017) entitled “Transmutations: Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality Practices in South and Inner Asia,” and Associate Editor of the journal Asian Medicine.  In 2015, Prof. Wujastyk received a European Research Council “Horizon 2020” award to head a research team working on the entangled histories of yoga, medicine and alchemy in medieval India.  The project website is http://ayuryog.org/

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